What is this place?
This is a factory and MPF calculator.
Can you add this one feature? I've found a bug, can you fix it?
Can I? Yes. Will I? Probably yes. Contact me on Discord with any feedback or feature requests: Unisol#3627.
I love this! How do I express my gratitude?
You can send commend and a thank-you whisper to anyone from 73iq regiment in game.
Did you make it on your own?
No, Tonksie and 73iq helped. Couldn't have done it without them.
Who are these 73iq?
73iq is a neutral regiment, specializing in partizan operations with experience in all aspects of the game, from backline to frontline. You can find us here.
What other foxhole-related websites should I check out?
Foxhole stats is the premium map and statistics tool for Foxhole.
Vanilla icon mode is used with permission of TheWindowsUser92, check out his icon mod.